My Story

I was born in London and practice clinically in Oxford, as well as offering online expert services to patients across the UK and worldwide.

Outside of work, I am mum to Daniel and Isla, as well our crazy cavapoo, Ziggy.

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Diverse Experiences & Training

I have been practicing for 19 years, in both the NHS and private practice, and in dentistry, facial aesthetics and advanced skin care.

I have professional training in Skin Science, Science of Nutrition, Cosmetic Chemistry, Dentistry and a Post Grad in Facial Aesthetic Medicine.

My belief in the critical importance of a personalised, balanced and integrated approach to skin care has been influenced by my Western Medical and Scientific training, professional experience, and clinical practice, as well as the Eastern approach to health that was a key part of my upbringing as my Grandfather was a Doctor of Eastern Medicine.

These two very different worlds have given me a unique insight into the synergy between the scientific, medical and natural aspects of skin treatment, and the importance of treating not only the symptoms but also identifying and treating the root cause of the issue, so we can achieve real and lasting results.

The Most Advanced Care

I fundamentally believe in combining the best of science, medicine, technology, and nature, and integrate the latest cutting-edge research, learning, evidence and knowledge, to provide the most advanced care for my patients

Aside from my professional expertise, I am described by my patients as dedicated, empathetic, and compassionate, and I’m committed to achieving measurable results in the least invasive way possible and in harmony with the biology of your skin.

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My Personal Skin Story

My passion and determination to achieve lasting results for my patients stems from my own experience of not living in the skin I wanted, let alone skin I loved – I struggled with the emotional pain and frustration of acne for many years – through my teens and into my early 30s (and at times still do), and like so many others, have tried many different treatments that just didn’t seem to work or didn’t last.

I came to understand that my skin was not functioning in isolation to the rest of my body – and simply trying countless skin treatments was not enough. I needed to understand what was really happening and use this learning to develop an approach that was personalised to my skin’s unique DNA/ needs and integrated to support my skin in a balanced way on the outside and from within.

Once I put the pieces of the puzzle together, I was able to commence the journey of healing my acne & transforming the health & natural beauty of my skin.

My personal skin story means I completely understand how important healthy skin is and the impact is has on how you look and feel, as well as your physical health. I want all my patients to achieve significant and lasting results, and I know it is within your reach to do so.

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