My Values

Everything I do at Your Skin Story embodies my 6 key values.


Clinical Excellence
A focus on continuous learning and a relentless pursuit in delivering the very best and highest standard of care possible – excellence across every facet and step of clinical care


Too often patients are treated as a condition or as a number or in a one size fits all way. You deserve kindness and time, so you are heard and understood. A key value is therefore really understanding your story and demonstrating empathy


Compassionate and caring with a focus on the underlying connection between patient and doctor, and a recognition that this connection and trust is a fundamental basis for successful patient outcomes.


Openness & Respect
Open, candid, and honest with all patients, sharing fully what I know and learn. Treating all patients with dignity and respect with a focus on forming true clinician-patient partnerships


Whilst continually evaluating and at times partnering with skin-care brands, remaining fully independent and free to recommend whatever products, treatments and care I deem to be most effective for each individual patient so I can design the right treatment plan, with complete objectivity and always put patients first.


People’s lives can be transformed when they feel in control of their health and wellbeing and are able to shape their personalised care to fit with what matters to them. Hence a key value is empowering patients to take control through education, shared decision making and building confidence to take control and achieve lasting results.

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