Advanced Bespoke Facial Treatment

£ 95

This is very different than your ordinary facial. A hyper-customised clinical treatment designed and personalised for your unique skin with an array of treatment modalities to address your skin’s specific needs – ultrasonic exfoliation, gentle enzyme peels, bespoke, personalised serum blends, customised masks with added active boosts, LED light therapy and lymphatic drainage.

There are 3 core advanced treatments, each of which I will personalised to your unique skin story and needs

1. Soothe, Calm and Protect
Reduce redness, sensitivity or inflammation with this soothing facial treatment. Calm sensitised skin and improve resilience so that skin is stronger and broken capillaries and flushing are reduced.

A gentle cleanse and mild enzyme technology helps to clear away surface skin cells. Calming, personalised serums are used to restore, repair and boost immunity and a calming lymphatic massage helps to remove toxins away. A soothing mask with bespoke added boosters such as aloe and willow herb help to further reduce inflammation and yellow LED light therapy brings your treatment to an end so you can leave feeling as calm and soothed as your skin.

2. Hydrate, Revive and Plump
Address fine lines and wrinkles and improve hydration levels to plump skin and infuse it with healing ingredients to repair damage and improve resilience.

A bespoke cleanse and exfoliation tailored to your skin type to allow the penetration of anti-ageing serum blends and ingredients together with skin toning massage to ensure your skin is nourished and stimulated. Mask ingredients are personalised to feed your skin and LED light therapy is used tailored to your skin’s unique requirements to help boost cell turnover and renewal.

3. Brighten, Smooth and Repair
A Brightening Facial for dull, lack-lustre skin or hyperpigmentation issues & sun damage.. Lighten brown spots and help to even skin tone and improve skin texture and radiance.

A cleanse and enzyme exfoliation clears away surface cells to prepare the skin to receive a targeted brightening serum blend. Using ingredients that work at different levels of the skin such as fruit enzymes of bromelain and papain and AHAs of lactic and mandelic acid, your skin will feel brighter and smoother.

Green LED light therapy is used to calm skin and begin the process of treating hyperpigmentation together with a mask to aid repair and nourishment. Finally, SPF and home care is included to protect your skin from further damage and pigmentation triggers.

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