“Healthy & Radiant Skin” Personalised Programme

£ 149


  • 360 Diagnostic
    • specialised, professional 360 skin-care deep dive including advanced skin analysis
  • Unique Skin ID
    • Identify your unique skin story, and the triggers that are driving your skin health and appearance
    • Determine where we need to focus to deliver what you need for your skin to be its best ever
  • Personalised Healthy Skin Plan
    • Customised plan designed specifically for your skin, with practical, actionable steps, to deliver against your skin needs and achieve your skin goals.
    • Personalised to your unique skin and how you eat, how your live, how you sleep – everything that impacts your skin
    • Expert personalised plan covering bespoke Products, Ingredients, Treatments, Nutrition, Lifestyle
    • Tailored to your preferences e.g., do you want to cover everything that influences your skin or focus on specific areas like products and treatments.
  • Includes consultation in clinic or online to discuss Skin ID and Personalised Plan
  • The programme will include personalised recommendations on everything that can help transform your skin – this will include bespoke professional treatments which you are able to add on with me as an option. However, it is completely fine if you want me to develop a programme that excludes professional treatments.

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