“Teen Acne” Expert-Led Programme

£ 249

Under 18s must have parental or guardian permission

Teenage skin is often unsettled due to the many internal changes that occur at this time. However, it is important to recognise that each young person is unique in how they respond to these changes as well as how their skin tolerates different products, topicals and environmental factors . The programme has been expertly designed for “teen acne” and will help you to discover your unique skin ID and identify the triggers are that contribute to your breakouts. This will enable a personalised plan with expert advice on skincare products and ingredients that are suitable for your skin as well as nutritional and lifestyle recommendations to help heal your acne and achieve your best possible skin. Skin that nurtures your natural beauty and helps you feel confident and happy.


Explore – 360 Diagnostic

  • Detailed deep dive pre-consultation questionnaire
  • 1 hour consultation – specialised, professional 360 skin-care deep dive
  • Covering every aspect of your skin story/ condition and everything that affects it including advanced skin analysis

Identify – Unique Skin ID

  • Identify your unique skin story, and the triggers that are driving your skin condition, health and appearance
  • Determine where we need to focus to adress your skin condition and what you need for your skin to be its best ever

Develop – Personalised Healthy Skin Plan

  • Customised, bespoke plan designed specifically for your skin, with practical, actionable steps, to deliver against your skin needs, address your skin conditions, and achieve your skin goals.
  • Personalised to your unique skin and how you eat, how your live, how you sleep – everything that impacts your skin
  • Expert personalised plan covering bespoke Products, Ingredients, Treatments, Nutrition, Lifestyle
  • Tailored to your preferences e.g. do you want to cover everything that influences your skin or focus on specific areas.
  • Includes 1 hour consultation in clinic or online to discuss Skin ID and Personalised Plan
  • The programme will include personalised recommendations on everything that can help transform your skin – this may include bespoke professional in clinic treatments which you are able to add on with me as an option (or other professionals hear where you live, who I can reccomend, if you are not close to Oxford) . However, it is completely fine if you want me to develop a programme that excludes professional in clinic treatments.

Action – Implement the Plan

  • Almost all patients have a follow-up consultation(s), to check-in on your journey and ensure you are supported for sustainable results.
  • If you decide to incorporate in clinic treatments into your programme, I can provide these folow up check-ins as part of your treatment appointments.
  • If you don’t have in clinic treatments, I can provide follow up consultations at a discounted consult charge (£50 per 30 mins/£95 for hour vs standard consultation rate of £85 / £165 respectively)

Please contact me to reserve a free discovery call if you would like to understand more.

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